Keyper’s Cove


Key Necklaces from Keypers Cove

Sword of the Water’s Edge Key Necklace by Keypers Cove

Promises of Snow Key Necklace

Pendant from Keypers Cove

Wolf’s Deep Winter Key Necklace by Keypers Cove

Winter Rose Key Necklace by Keypers Cove

“Passions of Aura” Key Necklace by Keypers Cove

Demons of Winter Key Necklace from Keypers Cove

All Hallows Eve Key Necklace

Keyper’s Cove: Fallow Key Necklace

Keyper’s Cove – Split Cross Key Necklace

Keyper’s Cove – Omens of Destiny Key Necklace

Keyper's Cove, a family owned and operated business located in Eastern Washington, began in 2010 and has experienced continuous growth and expansion. Every day we try our best to create unique, fun, and affordable pieces of wearable art for everybody to enjoy. All our products are backed by top-notch customer service and a full lifetime warranty. Delivering a unique product to all corners of the globe, we strive to produce quality pieces that compliment your personality.


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