“Salem” skull and lace boots from ZombiePeepshow

Steel Spike “Riot” Boots by ZombiePeepshow

Lace “Salem” boots by ZombiePeepshow

“Militia” Spiked Pumps by ZombiePeepshow

Striped Pumps available in custom colors by ZombiePeepshow

ZombiePeepshow Shoes

“ShipWreck” Extreme Editorial Footwear by ZombiePeepshow

ZOMBIEPEEPSHOW is a Texas-based design company specializing in custom shoes, apparel, and accessories. They have been featured in the horror and modeling community since 2011. They enjoy creating everything from simple and striking skull pumps, to extreme studded candelabra boots. They welcome custom requests, and invite you to collaborate on a unique piece with them. Visit their shop and social media pages for a thorough look at their wide range of design.


Contact Information:

Store: www.etsy.com/shop/kaylastojek

Facebook: www.facebook.com/zombiepeepshow

Instagram: @zombiepeepshow

E-mail: zombiepeepshow@gmail.com


Order and Shipping Information:

Each piece from ZOMBIEPEEPSHOW is custom made by hand, not mass produced. The final product you receive will have slight variances so that no two items are exactly the same. Orders take 3-4 weeks to complete, however a rush order may be available for an additional fee. They ship both domestic and international via USPS mail.