Pyewackett & Pecke – ‘Bloodstained Stitch Pendant ‘ Bloody Stitch Cutter in Clear Glass


Kiln fused glass with attitude created by Razor Edged Ruby.
Sharp made smooth. Single Stitch Cutter fused inside clear glass with blood stain accent.

Dimensions: 45mm x 20mm x 5mm (approx).
Choice of 60cm Silver Plated Chain or 45cm black rubber thong.
Each item is individually handmade so therefore no two pendants are the same. The alchemy of fusing creates various oxidations on the blades forming varying colours and aged effects. Champagne bubbles are an inherent quality of kiln fused art glass.

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Pyewackett & Pecke

Curios, oddities and artefacts by the artistically afflicted and creatively cursed – even the darkest creations need to see the light of day…

That’s why here at Pyewackett and Pecke we are dedicated to hunting down the best alternative artists and collectors to provide them with a platform to showcase their dark talents and products.

Founded by an artist for fellow artists, Dan has spent over a decade in the prop design industry brushing shoulders with some of the world’s most talented dark creatives and prolific collectors of obscure objects. This family run business was established in 2014 and like a parasitic twin, continues to grow and consume all that is strange around it.

In a world where skulls and tentacles will never go out of fashion we strive to give you the exposure you deserve without scaring away the uninitiated. Our fresh and inviting facade cunningly lures the casual customer into a world they may never have discovered had it been clad in black and abundant with bats and blood.

Inspired by our love of the weird and the wonderful, the frightful and the fantastic we aim to take the macabre to the masses and create a unique family of like-minded folk who like to wander from the path of normality.